Be Brave With Your Life

As I’m driving one day through Oahu, I look at the beautiful sunset behind the mountains and I can’t help but to smile and laugh a little. I became overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I took a huge risk and moved here. I began to think about what my life would have been like if I was still living in South Carolina. I’m almost positive that it would have been the same as it was when I left. I’m sure I would have found a new job and a new car, but I’d be still living with my sister wondering if there was some grand adventure out there for me. Waiting around for something truely amazing and exciting to happen to me. The thing is…Sometimes those amazing and exciting things aren’t just going to happen…sometimes we have to make them happen. We have to take risks. I took a big risk moving to Hawaii. (I moved here with nothing but faith, four suitcases, and $30 in my bank account.) I believe that I’m here for a reason, but I also believe I’m here because of my own agency. I could have chosen to stay in South Carolina. It would have been the easy thing to do. It wouldn’t have been a bad choice, but I knew that other than my friends and family, there was nothing for me anymore in South Carolina. I needed something different in my life.

So many incredible things have happened to me since I’ve moved here. I’ve been able to see good things happen in my life and be able to recognize how blessed I am. I have strengthened my relationship with God. I have a deeper love and appreciation for others and for different cultures. I’ve learned so much about myself and have opened up a lot. A lot of my likes and dislikes have changed. My desire to learn and travel has gotten stronger. I’m not normally this brave…in fact I never thought of myself as brave, but through this I’ve learned how to be happy and overcome my fears and anxiety.

I think that taking risks is good for the soul. Life is a learning experience. It’s amazing to think about how we can live whatever life we want to live. We can do whatever we want if we put our minds to it. It’s up to us. Have a little faith and follow your dreams. Make goals and do it! Go apply for that dream job. Move to a new city. Ask that person that you’ve had a big crush on a date. Take a chance. You never know what will happen. Maybe it’ll be everything you’ve dreamed of. The outcomes are endless and can be really great. And if it doesn’t go so well, try again or find a new dream and try that one out. We are in control of our happiness and our futures. Follow your heart.

“If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short and happiness is too rare.” 

-A. R. Lucas

15 thoughts on “Be Brave With Your Life

  1. That’s so awesome that you live in Hawaii!! I’ve always wanted to visit there! I totally agree that in life we must take risks. Have you heard the quote…”You’re only one defining decision away from a totally different life” ?

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  2. Goodness. That’s super scary, I don’t think I would have had the courage to do that… I live in California and as much as I want out, I’m pretty sure I’m here for life. lol.

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    1. That’s what I thought too. I felt like I was going to be stuck in South Carolina my whole life. I’m not normally the kind of person to take chances like that. My family and friends were completely shocked that I did it.

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      1. Well, that’s amazing. You definitely couldn’t have picked a better place. Enjoy that good poke and musubi! Totally jealous 😀

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  3. Four suitcases and $30.00 you went with a ton of faith. Hope you find want you are searching for and much happiness. We found Hawaii to be to expensive to live there. Beautiful place so enjoy.

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    1. My job provides good pay and everything that I need to survive here. I looked into moving here on my own last summer and there was no way I would have made it.

      I love it here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Thank you for your kind words.


  4. I have been dreaming of moving to Hawaii ever since I vacationed there 2 years ago, and reading your post only makes me want to do it that much more! I really needed these motivational words, so thank you.

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