Loving Me

My inner critic is always hanging around. Some days she’s worse than others. As I was journaling the other day, I realized how bad she can be. She’s loud, negative, doubtful…the list can go on. Lately, she’s been comparing me to others.

I find myself scrolling through social media and looking at others, basically wishing I was as pretty as the girls you see or had their taste in fashion. I compare my instagram and my blog wishing it looked like theirs. My inner critic tells me I’m not pretty enough and I don’t try hard enough and I should just give up because no matter what I do, I won’t be good enough. No one looks at what I post and no one reads my blog. So why even bother?

I know! My inner critic is not nice. I would never let anyone talk to me that way or even let them talk to themselves like that. Why do I talk to myself so horribly? We all have an inner critic and he/she tells us different things. But we all have an inner best friend too. Maybe they are there or maybe we need to find them.

I recently listened to a podcast by Rachel Brathen and she talks about our inner critic and finding our inner best friend. It got me wondering where mine was. I didn’t think I really had one and if I did, she’s really quiet. Well, the last few weeks I’ve been working on finding her and making her speak up.

Whenever I start to to become critical of myself, I have to stop and remind myself of what my best friends would say to me or what I would say to one of my friends if I heard them say horrible things about themselves? I take a moment to find my inner best friend and she helps me repeat positive affirmations. I am enough. I am unique and beautiful in my own way. I am talented and special.

The more my inner best friend tells me that I’m enough and the more I hear myself say affirmations, the more I start to believe it. I feel like I can get though tough days and feeling down a lot better. The other day, I went to the lake and my friend, Rachel, took pictures of me. I was shocked. I was like “Wow! I really am beautiful!” I don’t think I’ve ever had that reaction to a picture of me. Yeah, I would look cute or good in the picture and a lot of the time I feel like I look like I was still in high school.

I feel like finding my inner best friend has helped me see my beauty and my self worth. She has helped me love myself and make me feel like I can accomplish anything. She encourages me to keep writing my blog and posting on social media because even though I don’t realize it, I am inspiring and helping others.

4 thoughts on “Loving Me

  1. So I’ve recently been spending hours on Pinterest researching and educating myself on starting a blog. So I came to yours for inspiration and I found it! I’ve already been doubting myself and I haven’t even started. I just have to find my inner best friend 🙂

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  2. Absolutely love this! You are beautiful and very right! We’re all our own worst critics but need to be our own best friends more ❤

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